I am Quitting for “Growth”

Well! In 2018, employee engagement will be one of the top priorities for business and HR leaders around the world. The best way out, is to identify the main reasons that decrease engagement among workforce. A few reports on the latest Talent trends and challenges (Sources: Gallup, Deloitte, BLS & Quantum Workplace EE report) have identified […]

My Seven Dates Saga

Engrossed with myself, walking in the air for a calming stroll, Murmured I “Now I better take a call before gravity takes its toll” Seven of them I date every week, each of them so unique and charming, I wish to spend my precious time with one of them, most interesting Pragmatic Monday, woke me […]

Employee experiences delivered and received

Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. Yes! Best lessons in the life are indeed a result of your ability to deal with catch-22 situations. And today, besides making continuous endeavors to gain and enrich your experience, you even have to be mindful of the experiences you are creating, both intentionally […]

Strategy, Character and the Leader in YOU

Leadership is a potent combination of Strategy and Character, but if you must be without one, be without the Strategy, said Norman Schwarzkopf. So, Strategy demands aligned characters but character is essentially based on your unique personality, hence alignment remains a big challenge. Furthermore, organizational leadership is naturally progressive if foundation of the characters involved is […]

Soaring aspirations

When your aspirations are soaring high, And you want to touch the soothing blue sky Take a pause, to differentiate between wrong and right, Trust, right could be wrong and wrong essentially right! When your aspirations are soaring high, And you wish to put your best foot forward, to fly as high Hold on a […]